Private Foundations

International Cardioncology of Society of North America (ICOSNA)

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Why is a focus on cardioncology needed?  Why donate time, energy, and money to the cause?  The bottom line answer is that your efforts will save lives.
Cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD) are the two most common causes of death and disease worldwide! The incidence of both cancer and cardiovascular disease increases with age. With increased life expectancy, the burden of both diseases will increase substantially over the next decade.

Also, advancement in cancer therapy and supportive care has led to an increasing number of survivors of childhood cancer.

Seventy percent of the children diagnosed with malignancy before the age of 15 years will have a disease-free 5-year survival from diagnosis. Cancer is now being recognized as a chronic disease, as evidenced by a growing number of cancer survivors that currently exceeds 11 million. With further improvement in cancer therapy, this number will likely increase in years to come. As the numbers of survivors grow so does the number of patients living with the late effects of cancer-related cardiotoxicity. Amongst Hodgkin lymphoma patients who have received radiation, CVD is one of the most common causes of death.

Medical Society of Hypothermic Medicine

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Over the past decades, clinical evidence has been compiled that shows great benefits to patients through the treatment of mild hypothermia. It was evident that a coalition of experts needed to be formed to further understand and expand this exciting field.

The Society educates health-care providers interested in providing this treatment, and to enlighten the greater population in the benefits of inducing mild hypothermia.

This website functions as a guide to information about ASHM, including how to join and provide to the Society goals. Also, resources can be found here to learn about how therapeutic hypothermia may help patients and medical indications that are presently being researched.

William T Branch Foundation

William (Bill) T. Branch was an outstanding physician who was embedded in Tampa tradition as the King of Gasparilla and Captain of Ye Mystic Crewe. He ascended to the heights of leadership in any organization that he joined. He is remembered as a good friend of many and a humorous raconteur. The William T. Branch Foundation is committed to promoting quality hospital care and protection from harm in the hospital as well as advances in the treatment of stroke.

The COOL Group (Cardio-Oncology Organization for Ladies) & The TERRIFIC Group

(Tampa Education, Research, Registry, Imaging, atrial Fibrillation and Flutter Intervention Center)