PrivaCors, Inc.

PrivaCors, Inc. is a private company founded by Dr. Eric Harrison to facilitate improvement in the quality of cardiac care. Although not self-evident, quality improvement is the most honest cost control strategy. Competent cardiology can be practiced with clinical expertise and compassion with the current evidence based cardiology database. The highest quality history taking, physical examination, testing and procedure use, prescriptions with adequate dosing and other recommendations in the short and long term are the most effective solutions to clinical problems and cost efficiency.

 Algorithms, guidelines, analyses, case review, usage rates of testing, usage and dosage of medications and outcome analysis are all used to assess the status of cardiac care delivery. Updated guidelines, algorithms, systems, procedures, monitors, conferences and reviews based on the most current cardiology database are used to facilitate cardiac quality care improvement.

PrivaCors, Inc. has advised insurance companies and HMO’s on individual cases with recommendations and has reviewed HMO cardiac catheterizations over a large region over a several year period to assess the quality and appropriateness. In addition, we have facilitated cardiac disposition conferences to help physicians work together as a team in making dispositions of individual patient problems and develop standards.

PrivaCors, Inc. is also available to medical directors for daily advice and consultations. For additional information contact us.